Hey, I'm Craig

You May Not Know Me Yet

Who - What - Why - How?

I'm Craig,

And this is my blog.

I didn't start life as a blogger. I was a baby. And the Internet didn't exist.


Fast forward 18 years

>> 2006

I left school with NO CLUE of what I wanted to do with my life, other than have full control over it.

I wanted control of my time.

I wanted my time to be my own, and not have to trade it in exchange for money.

(How disappointed I was about to be!)

I grew up in a Military family where my Dad was working away for 6 months of the year, leaving my Mum to raise both myself and my older brother on her own.

It was tough for her. And for him. I know it was.

I think this is why I'm the way I am.


Fast forward again >>


I failed, miserably!

Initially anyway...

Its taken me a while. Around 10 years of trial and error. But I'm there now.

Financial and time independence.

How did I get here?

Well, I got a job.

I failed at the first hurdle in my pursuit of control.

I worked at a super market. Numerous building sites. Lifeguarded the local beaches. Worked as a removalist in Australia. Shovelled horse shit in New Zealand.

Then I got a job as a deckhand on a Billionaires super yacht in Monaco.

I started saving every penny I was earning because I was earning very well, and returned home with a respectful wad of cash in hand.

Here is how it went when I eventually returned home to work on my life mission:

- I started an eBay business - it failed

- I got a job as a builder again.

- I started a Marketing business. It went really well. Then failed.

- I got a job on another yacht in the local shipyard.

-I started an Amazon Business. It went REALLY well. (turned over $20k in the first month)

- I quit yachting again and moved into shared office space.

- Achieved a $33,000 month, and a $2,000 day.

- I grew the business too quickly, borrowed too much cash to supplement the growth and ran the business into the ground. Sh!t!

- Tail between my legs - I got a job on a building site again. My failures were getting tedious by this point!

I owed too much money to my creditors, so I didn't have the capitol to set up another Amazon store.

I was back to being poor again!

I started blogging as a way of generating income because of the low start up costs. All I paid for was the web host and a blog theme.

It took a while, and quite a few failed blogs, but I stuck at it.

I worked on my blogs in the evening when I got home from work.

It was tough and I almost gave up quite a few times.

And here we are!

My financial and time independence - All from blogging!

And I now have two young boys of my own, along with my better half, Lydia.

I registered the domain name CleverBlogs.co in January 2018.


Why? Partly because I came across this illustration by @bymariandrew on Instagram:

I'm satisfied with the on-going progress of acts 1 & 2 from this illustration.

CleverBlogs is my version of act number 3.

I've started a handful of successful blogs over the past year, and now I want to share my experiences to guide you do to the same - Act #3.

So Welcome, Welcome!

I'll share with you EVERYTHING that I have learnt about blogging to date. Including how I have taken a tiny blog from $0 to $10,000+ per month, how to get regular traffic to your blog, and how to turn that traffic into customers.


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