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So you want your blog to look incredible? Who doesn’t, right?

In this post, I’m going to share with you 4 of the best WordPress Themes for beginner bloggers that will transform your blog from average looking, to one that looks like a professional web-developer built it. (for a fraction of the price.)

P.s –  CleverBlogs is built on theme #2 in the list

Gone are the days of having to spend $thousands to have an incredible looking blog or website. In fact making your site look sexy is now more simple than ever before, and you can very easily do it yourself

Here’s how ya do it…..


The 4 BEST Wordpress Themes For Beginner Bloggers - So you want your blog to look f**king awesome!?  In this post, I'm going to share with you 4 of the best Wordpress Themes for beginner bloggers that will transform your blog from average looking, to one that looks like a professional web-developer built it. (for a fraction of the price.)



What Is A WordPress Theme??

A WordPress Theme is basically a bunch of files that work together to make your blog or website look and navigate a certain way. These files are customisable to people like you and I. (I'm assuming that you, like me, don't have a clue how to write your own code?)

For example:  My blog looks and works the way that it does because some other person, much cleverer than myself, wrote the code for the theme.  I liked the look of the theme, so I just uploaded it to my WordPress dashboard, made a few little tweaks, and have now taken all the glory for the way it looks! 🙂 


How Do You Choose A WordPress Theme, And Where Do I Get Them From?

You should look out for a few basic requirements from your Theme. Here's just a few attributes to look out for:

  • Sexy! First impressions for your readers are important, so choose a good looking theme to catch their attention.
  • Simple to customise - some themes are more user friendly than others, so make use of the free demos on the themes website to see if you get along with how they work and feel.
  • Displays blog posts - this is an obvious requirement for your blog, but double check first. 
  • Great customer support with tutorials. Be sure to look out for a 30 day money back thingy, just in case you don't get along with the theme and want to switch with another. 

I've made it easy for you to find some awesome Themes that I would highly recommend you check out. I've personally used all of these Themes in the past, so I have listed the Pro's and Cons that I discovered....


The BEST WordPress Themes For Beginner Bloggers


1 - Divi Theme


The Divi Theme is created by a company called Elegant Themes.

I'm not gonna sugar coat it - its f**king awesome! Especially if you're a beginner blogger and you're new to WordPress. In fact - even if you're a seasoned pro, Divi is awesome!


  • The freedom to customisation is insane! The drag and drop style of the Divi Theme allows you to make your blog look pretty much however you want.
  • Very user friendly. Again - the drag and drop style makes it incredibly simple to use.
  • Great customer support.
  • Popular with bloggers, so there are heaps of tutorials on YouTube
  • Powerful. Some Themes that have an abundance of features become quite 'heavy' and slow. Not Divi!
  • VERY cost effective. For just $89 you'll get the Divi Theme, PLUS full access to the entire Elegant Themes range (currently 87 different themes to chose from in the range)


  • Urmmm?? (Cue tumbleweed.........) 
  • Genuinely - I'm struggling to think of a con for this theme....


2 - OptimizePress



CleverBlogs was created using the OptimizePress Theme! Wohoo!

So yea... Im a big fan of 'OP' 🙂

Its a bit like the Divi Theme because of the drag and drop aspect, but it used to be more tailored to digital marketers for the landing page and sales page features. Its also great for building membership sites too (which is the ONLY reason for me choosing OP over Divi.)

But recently...

They have updated the theme to be super user friendly for bloggers, and have created a stunning new blog theme.


  • Great for customisation.
  • Love the new OptimizePress blogging theme and plugin. Easy on the eye and makes for better blogging!
  • Save money on external landing page or lead capture page fees as you can build them 'in-house' with OptimizePress. (Lead capture pages are where you collect email addresses of your readers)
  • Customer Service is incredible. I've never had to wait to speak with a rep of OP about any issues that I've had.
  • Quite User friendly. Another great drag and drop style theme to make it look however you like.
  • Its only costs $97 one off fee, and you'll be able to use the theme across 3 different websites or blogs. I personally went for the 'Publisher' package because I've used the theme so many times to create other websites and blogs for other people, so the fact I could use this theme 10 times was useful.


  • The theme is quite 'heavy'. The load time isn't as good as the Divi Theme.


3 - StudioPress



Without a doubt, StudioPress have produced THE fastest themes available. Its lightning fast, and this matters.

StudioPress is used by a large number of top bloggers because of its ability to handle large numbers of viewers, and never slow down as a result of them.

There are a large number of themes to chose from, but I would highly recommend the Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income Theme. Pat Flynn is a World renowned blogger, so he knows exactly what works and what doesn't, and has applied his knowledge of the blogging industry and created a theme to reflect this.



  • SUPER fast.
  • Can handle large volumes of readers on your blog.
  • StudioPress offer Incredible looking themes


  • Not as user friendly as some themes


4 - The WordPress Freebie Themes


I'm going to be honest and upfront with you here... unless you absolutely have to - Don't do it!

Don't waste your time with a free theme (unless you absolutely cannot afford a paid theme)

Although some of the WordPress Themes look great on the surface, theres a reason why they are free. Its not because they're crap, in fact most of them are great!  I only advise you to not bother with them because they will probably try and up-sell you on a vital feature that you'll definitely need further down the line to supplement the 'FREE' price tag.

Trust me when I say this - I've been broke. I've been there. I got my card declined once whist trying to pay for a Big Mac at Maccas. So I know what its like having to fork out for paid themes when you really can't afford it

So if you're going to go down the free route, you'll find the best versions here:



Beginners bloggers - Go with the Divi Theme.

Seasoned Pro - Go with StudioPress


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