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So you’re either new to blogging, or already have blog but are not building a subscribers list. You NEED to start an email list for your blog and you want to get your first email subscribers NOW!

One of the biggest mistakes that I made when I first started a blog was that I wasn't collecting my readers email addresses.

I WASN'T BUILDING A LIST! This was very silly of me, and ultimately lead to my blog failing - miserably!

Now-a-days when I start a new blog for someone else or myself, I try to encourage them to build their list FIRST, before they start to build their blog. This way they'll have a ready made list of readers who are foaming at the mouth to get to their 'soon to be published’ content and will inevitably speed the growth up of your blog or business.

Even if you already have a business or a blog but don't have a list yet, follow these 3 simple steps, implement them, and I PROMISE you that you'll see a very drastic increase in the growth of your business/blog.

Why Is A List So Important Anyway?

Nobody likes to lose out do they? Lets face it, loss hurts far more than gain. So what If I told you that you are effectively LOSING tonnes of traffic, money, loyal fans, shared content by not collecting your readers email address?..... Its all being left on the table by you!

You may have heard the saying before - 'The Money Is In The List’. Or perhaps you haven't? Its more of a digital marketing thing than a bloggers thing anyway, but its TRUE!

If you want your blog to grow and generate any revenue, I can't stress enough how vital owning a list of email subscribers is. Most of the sales that you will generate will come from your subscribers list and NOT cold traffic on your blog.

 Here are the 3 biggest benefits of owning an email list:
  • Its is THE most direct way of contacting people who visit your blog and could become future customers of yours.
  • Its an awesome way of building a loyal fan base and trust from your readers, and like in every relationship - Trust is everything!
  • Its a great way of getting instant traffic to new content on your blog. Just send 'em the link, get them to check it out, and sign off your email with a call to action where you ask them to share it on social media platforms, resulting in even more traffic - Its just one big snowball!


Right, lets do it.....


The Simple, Yet Powerful List Building Strategy

This is so easy and may seem obvious, but please don’t discount the power of its success because of its simplicity. I also only know of one other blogger who is teaching this, and they’ve also had amazing results from implementing this into their list building strategy.

The tool that you'll require - a pen.

Now write down a list of just 10 names of people that you know in the offline World. Real life people. Like, REAL people you actually know. I said only 10 because thats VERY achievable, reach out to as many as you feel comfortable. Actually, scrap that - On second thoughts. Reach out to MORE than you feel comfortable! Push the boat out!

It would help if these people were interested in the topic of your blog or business too, buts thats not absolutely vital as you'll find out shortly.

They can be your mates, family members, neighbours, work colleagues, the milk man, your in laws if you're feeling really brave! Folk from the gym, Church or wherever else you hang out. Just real life people that you know and already have some form of relationship with.

Now, reach out to them. I find that email is best if you have their address already, but Facebook Messenger, text message, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram.... you get the idea, they're all good too.

This is what the message should say:

Hey ______,
Im starting a blog about ____.  Would you be interested in following my blog or learning more about it?

Obviously you'd make it more personal than that but thats the general idea.  Just make sure you don't ask anything of them, other than, "would you be interested in following my blog or learning more about it?”. Keep your request really specific to avoid any confusion.

At this stage you're not asking people to sign up for anything other than getting them to show an interest in what your doing.  Besides, most people wont know what signing up to an email list really is.
So, send that message to them, and await their reply.

If they reply and its a NO - F**k ‘em! (just kidding). Thank them kindly for their time and wish them well.

If its YES - awesome! Save or collect their email address, and add it to your list of ‘interested’ emails.

And thats it! As simple as that.

You might be wondering.. “But my family members will support me with whatever I do, even if they couldn’t care less about my new project - why would they be good for my blog?”

Family members and friends are awesome! Their love and support is the driving factor that will compel them to share your content on social media and with their friends. Its doesn’t take long once the word is out about what you’re up to. Loyalty is an incredible thing, and this is what you want to start building with an even wider audience that doesn’t already know you.

Give it a go and report back as to how it went.....