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So you want to start a successful blog, but you’re not sure how?

There is a very good reason why you see expert bloggers starting one successful blog after another. Its because they know how to get it right from the very beginning.

In this guide I’ll walk you through step-by-step the simple way to start your blog, just like how the Pro’s do it….

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How To Start A Blog | FREE Step-by-step guide How To Start A Blog in 10 minutes. Starting a successful blog is now more simple than ever before. I've broken it down for you here

Lets Start At The Beginning:

Right!.... Before we get into this hefty ol' guide, we need to get this straight...

To start a blog, you'll need just 2 things:

  1. A domain name
  2. Webhosting

Your domain name is the name of your blog. This is what people will type to get to your website. For example, this blogs domain name is Or other popular domain names are google .com, or amazon .com.

Webhosting is where your blog 'lives' on the internet. So if you can imagine your domain name being the address, then your web hosting is the bricks and mortar of your blog. Every blog or website will require web hosting otherwise it wont have anywhere to 'live' or be built.

Purchasing domain names and web hosting can sometimes be expensive if you choose to host with the better, higher end web hosting companies who provide a much better service.

Trust me when I tell you that they're worth it!

I've pinched the pennies before on hosting and it was my biggest regret when things start to take off.

We're talking about slooooooow loading times. Your site crashing when you start getting a good following. Bad customer service when you have an issue (which you almost always will have, so it pays to go with the best customer service providers). And a complicated setup process.

Often, the high costs are the most common reason for people not starting their own blog with the better hosts. Thats fair enough-ski.


Thankfully, I've hooked you up with THE best web hosting company for a fraction of the price that you would usually pay. It'll get you a saving of 50% off - (just $3.95 a month), PLUS a free domain name! (That's less than the price of a coffee!)


They're called Bluehost.  I use Bluehost for almost all of my blogs and websites, and for very good reason!

Why Bluehost?

There's a reason why WordPress officially recommends Bluehost more than any other hosting service.

They've been working with WordPress since 2005 to create the most user friendly service, and they host millions of websites online already. So they know what they're doing. You're site will not only run faster, but the setup process is super easy, and their 24/7 customer support is awesome. Besides - if you decide to go with Bluehost and you're not happy... they'll give you your money back. Blaaa Blaa Bla....


They're the Top Dawgz, everyone knows it, and thats who I'd strongly recommend you use. But whatta I know?



Lets Get To It:



So once you've opened up Bluehost in a new window (click here or the image above), you'll need to hit the green 'Get Started' button.

Select the plan that you think is best suited to yourself.

Personally I'd recommend starting off with the basic plan first. Its the cheapest and is ample for the early stages of your blog. Besides, you can always upgrade further down the line if you need to. (May as well save where ya can)

Secure Your Free Domain Name

Enter the domain name that you want to call your blog in the left hand box. Or if you already have a domain name, type it into the right hand box and hit the next button.

If the domain name that you wanted isn't available because it's already being used, you can either chose from a list of suggestions that are available, or come up with another different name.

If you're having trouble coming up with a name, really don't fret too much on it. Its not 'un-important', buts not the be-all-and-end-all when starting.

A good suggestion is to use your name if its a personal blog.

Or perhaps the topic that you're going to be blogging about.

I named this blog CleverBlogs after watching Pepper Pig with my little boy. The little Elephant is said to be a 'Clever Clogs' and I thought it had a ring to it. 🙂

Account Setup and Registry

Boring part. But trust me the fun begins after this.

First, enter your personal details...

Then you will need to finalise which plan you would like to go with. The 36 month plan is the best value in terms of saving cash because this is where you can fully take advantage of the EPIC CleverBlogs discount. Also, I wouldn't recommend going with any of the optional extras just yet, unless you wanted too.

You can always choose to purchase the optional extras later if you wish.

[Just as a side note, with Bluehost you are billed upfront even though it is calculated at a monthly rate. Remember they offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if you decide its not for you]

And finally then enter your payment details, and read and accept Bluehosts Terms Of Service.

You'll then create a password for your Bluehost account, and BOOM! You're done!! Go and pour yourself a stiff drink - You're now the proud owner of an EPIC blog-to-be.

Not too bad eh?

How To Install WordPress With Bluehost

You'll soon discover just how easy it is to install WordPress with Bluehost thanks to their 'Quick Install' feature. (This is why I love 'em)

So after you're sorted your password out, you'll be prompted to choose a WordPress Theme, or in other words, how you want your blog to look.

Don't spend too much time on this for now, just choose one that catches your eye as you can change your Theme at any time. (I'll show you how to do this, and recommend some of my favourite WordPress themes in another post)

Once you've selected a basic WordPress Theme, click the 'Start Building' button on the next page

At this stage, you will receive an email with your WordPress login details. Its IMPORTANT to know that your blog login details will be different to your Bluehost login details, and to keep a note of these.

You will then be taken to your WordPress dashboard where you are able to launch your brand new blog.

Exciting times!!

To make your new blog visible online, you'll need to launch it. To do this, go to the top tab on the left hand side that says Bluehost. Click on this and then click the Launch button.

Once you have hit the 'Launch' button, your website will be visible to anyone who types your domain name into the toolbar, although there's no need to worry as you wont have thousands of people visiting your blog. Not yet anyway. But you will have soon..... 😉

You may want to make a few simple changes to your blog right away, like changing the Site title or the Tagline. These features allow your readers to grasp what your blog is truly about.

For example, the Site Title and Tag line for this blog are:

  • Site Title: CleverBlogs
  • Tagline: Turning Passion Into Profit

All Done!

Once you get to this stage, this means that your blog is all set up, its online and you're ready to get creating. Give yourselves a big pat on the back and go and pour yourself ANOTHER celebratory drink!

You're going to be hammered at this rate!!

Quick Side Note

Its important to remember that this is totally new to you, so its very likely that overwhelm will kick in at some point.

PLEASE don't give up on your blog because I know that you'll have nailed it, figured WordPress out and have blog posts published in just a week or two of trial and error, and figuring it all out.

Trust me - EVERY successful blogger has been where you are right now at the very beginning, the secret to success is to persevere and don't give up.

When I first started, WordPress and WordPress Themes were a lot harder to navigate and work with, and I'm REALLY not good at this kinda stuff, so if I can get the hang of it, I have every confidence that you will too.


Don't Struggle!

I want to help you to create a blog that succeeds as quickly as possible.

So I have put together a FREE 7 Day Blog Starter Blueprint which will walk you through EXACTLY how to start, scale and make money from your brand new blog.

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How To Start A Blog | FREE Step-by-step guide How To Start A Blog in 10 minutes. Starting a successful blog is now more simple than ever before. I've broken it down for you here